Crendale is Back on the Registry!

After a mild delay, Crendale has returned to the registry.  Click here to download the Registry.


Crendale 1.4.1 Update


Install Notes

If you are having issues running Crendale.jar, which is the autoupdater and program launcher, go to and update your latest version of Java.  Chances are, this is the issue.  If not join us on the forums and we will assist you.  The end all be all option is to download the most updated version from the updater ftp:

Crendale 1.4 Download


Click here to Download Crendale 1.4 Stand-Alone Client w/ Auto Updater

  • Guild PVP arena
  • Guild PVP arena button added
  • Solo PVP arena added
  • Solo PVP arena button added
  • Arena gear menu
  • Quest menu
  • Quest button added
  • “Ctrl” uses magic for Mages and Sorcerers
  • Increased gameplay speed
  • /who command now displays player level
  • /who command now displays who is in solo PVP arena (* before name)
  • Admin button added
  • Two handed weapons now work as intended (without shield)
  • Energy pots now work properly
  • Name change bug is fixed